Soon at Bordeaux Mérignac you could enjoy indoor skydiving!

From beginner to experienced jumpers, you can practice freefall, improve your fitness and agility, feel the new bodyflight art, without having to jump out of an airplane!

Highly-trained instructors will make your flight experience unforgettable! Anyone can fly and fell the adrenaline rush.

A double loop recirculating 14ft tunnel by Strojirna Litvinov.

Extreme sport. Skydive without parachute.

Experience freeflying and belly-flying, learn to fly at 186mph!
Our instructors will teach you bodyflight and adapt traning to improve your skills and agility in the air.

Soufflerie à Bordeaux !

Art of flying. in freedom.

Indoor skydive reproduce the perfect flying sensation, from 5 to 99 years old you can enjoy the bodyflight, no unpleasant sensations, no falling or dizziness.

Soufflerie à Bordeaux !

Training and progression. For experienced jumpers.

The free fall simulator is the best way to train and learn new techniques. Our professionals will be able to guide you throughout your flights, adapt your training according to your skills and goals, and provide you with constructive feedback.

Soufflerie à Bordeaux !

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